Monday, August 24, 2015

Adjusting my plans!

Okay, so, that week off was desperately needed. I hadn't realized, but I was writing a ridiculous amount of verbiage, and it turns out that writing that much was a recipe for burnout.

Plus, I feel like you guys are starting to get the feel for ICU patterns: a little heart failure here, a little COPD there. Unusual things happen sometimes, between the cardiac caths and respiratory failures, but there are only so many times I can explain pressure imbalances or tell you that titrating vasoactive drips is both boring and strenuous.

So here's my new plan: I will post one shift report per week, based on the most interesting shift I worked, with extra coverage for any interesting short bits that happen on the other days. This will give me time to write another post every week-- a story, a piece of patho, or even an extra shift report.

I'll post the shift reports on Tuesdays, and the second posts on Fridays (Thursdays would make more sense except that my work schedule has me wrapping up a major week of work on Thursday nights, and I am usually dead by that point).

And yes, I will write up that one awful story. The first time I wrote it up, I wasn't satisfied with how it turned out-- clean-edged, internetty, and all about the shock value. I would like to rewrite it, and see how a year or two has aged it in my head.

See you all tomorrow night!


  1. hurrah! We get more Elise, and you get more sanity, is that a win-win-voices-in-my-head deal? :)

  2. Whatever makes it work best for you is best for us, Elise. Unless, of course, you want to make it a graphic novel...not sure I could handle the graphics...

  3. Yay, that sounds like a good plan!

  4. just keep writing, we'll be here waiting!

  5. Glad to see your back writing, don't forget its about people, patients, their families, your colleagues, and poop. Won't somebody think of the poop?

  6. Thanks Elise, I love to read about your shifts!

  7. Thanks Elise, I love to read about your shifts!

  8. Thanks Elise, I love to read about your shifts!

  9. I know each shift is really overwhelming as a daily routine. But if you share the experience to other people, the experience will be more light and worth all the while because who knows, just like the writers from you can inspire other people.

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